«Rally rebuild»: Internet in protest and protest on the Internet





Internet, protest, communication, virtual reality, frame analysis, digital anthropology


In the contemporary world where social media became one of the key sources of information about offline reality, a rally can be performed without even leaving your house. That is why the discussion participants and the audience reflect on the problem of ‘authenticity’ of the virtual reality and political actions it provides. The users ponder the question whether virtual activism is relevant, what conditions make virtual political action ‘real’ and ‘accomplished’, i. e.they try to define the status of virtual reality and the boundaries between the ‘real’ and the ‘virtual’, the ‘original idea’ (in E. Goffman’s words) and the ‘falsification’. This reframing results in a redefinition of what activists, city inhabitants and law enforcement bodies consider to be a ‘political action’. The article considers how the perceptions of social media activism change and to what conflicts those changes can lead