Social intercourse as a sociological problem and sociologists’ headache. A book review on ‘The world of intercourse through the sociological dimension’ by A.V. Rezaev & N.D. Tregubova. Moscow: University book, 2017




social intercourse, communication, social interaction, sociological theory, comparative analysis


The book is the first monograph on the sociology of social intercourse in Russian. The authors indicate that despite the fact that today many specific studies describe certain aspects of social intercourse, this phenomenon has no problematization within the overall logic of sociological knowledge. The authors propose a three-part structure: social intercourse as a phenomenon, as a concept, and as a problem. The monograph provides a rationale for the possibility of sociology of social intercourse, as well as the very necessity to separate the notions of “social intercourse” and “social communications” in social scientific research.

Acknowledgment. This work was supported by the Council for the Russian President’s Grants, project no. MK-773.2017.6

Author Biographies

Pavel P. Lisitsyn, St Petersburg University

  • St Petersburg University, St Petersburg, Russia
    • Assoc. Prof.
  • St Petersburg State University of Economics, St Petersburg, Russia
    • Assoc. Prof.

Valentin S. Starikov, St Petersburg University

  • St Petersburg University, Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • Cand. Sci. (Soc.), Research Fellow, Faculty of Sociology






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