Skype interview in qualitative research: an overview of reflections




interviewing, online-interview, qualitative online methods, Skype


The article presents an overview of the scientific publications, dedicated to the usage of Skype and programs alike for conducting qualitative research interview. The author describes some formal differences and similarities, as well as analyses some of content’s aspects. The researches on Skype interview are in general quite coherent and the conclusions made by their authors do not contradict each other.However, this may indicate as well that the usage of Skype in interviews has not been researched enough, especially regarding the fact, that the authors of such publications often do not specialize on methodology, and that the overall empirical experience of conducting Skype-interviews on average is very limited.Besides, the author of this review notices that her colleagues mention that Skype interviews take place not in the situations of physical co-presence, but in their comparisons they do not consider this fact as a difference worthy to be studied.