Information and communication interaction between authorities and citizens: looking for efficient technologies




information and communica- tion technologies, social subjectivity, vir- tual communities, online social networks, network communication, interaction be- tween authorities and citizens


In the article problems of inter- action of authorities and the population are investigated from a position of soci- ology of management. The attention to examples of discrepancy of command model of management to realities of in- formation society is paid. Author proves the need of application of more flexible approaches based on methods of inter- action and use of information and com- munication technologies. In a theoretical part of the article the tendency of the increasing population reflectivity under the influence of Internet technologies is analyzed. The theoretical and meth- odological bases for development of modern methods of interaction between power and society are investigated. The phenomenon of subjectivity as a result of the reaction of the social system to management intervention is considered. The possibilities of network analysis for searching virtual communities of res- idents in social networks are demon- strated on the example of the study of the structure of the interaction of Inter- net users in one of the Moscow districts. Moreover, author tests the technique of determination of potential of subjectivity of the virtual associations as the basis for the organization of address interac- tion with the population on the Internet.