The main features of youth labor market in Tomsk region




youth, labor market, unemployment, regional specificity


The article presents the results of a study of the main factors affecting the situation in the Tomsk region youth labor market. The purpose of the study was to reveal and to classify factors that influence the employment situation of the youth. The labor market is understood in terms of unemployment among people aged 18—30. The methodological basis of the study is scientific works devoted to the labor market (including youth labor market) as well as support for young entrepreneurs. Methods such as scientific literature analysis, generalization, comparison and deduction are used by the author. Geographical, political and economic factors are analyzed. Special emphasis is placed on the statistical analysis of socio-demographic situation in the youth labor market and the impact that the scientific and educational complex has on it. Remarkably, the latter plays an essential role in the profile of the youth employment of the Tomsk region. The author concludes that despite susceptibility to some general nationwide trends the youth labor market has its unique characteristics described in the paper. The study findings can be used by the public bodies to create systematic mechanisms to solve youth problems and to implement state employment policies and by the administration of the higher education institutions in their efforts to facilitate the employment of the graduates according to the current regional specifics.