Development of intellectual capital: social practices of information technology companies




intellectual capital, human capital, organisational capital, communication capital, social environment, social health, social and labour relations


The paper examines changes in the production process contributing to the ever increasing spread and development of intellectual capital. The study focuses on the structure of intellectual capital of organisations: human, organisational, communication capital. The author identifies social practices in companies facilitating the development of intellectual capital and helping organizations to occupy high positions in the external environment — in the market. Amidst various definitions of intellectual capital proposed by researchers, few companies are aware of this notion. Lack of knowledge and a rough idea about social practices of the intellectual capital development are problems raised in the article. The study provides a description of social and labour relations of companies operating in the rapidly growing IT industry where most of specialists are young and the intellectual capital model is predominant. The subject of the study is social practices of IT companies used for the intellectual capital development. The project is based on a qualitative method — expert interviews on the best practices in the development of intellectual capital in organizations. The paper presents the outcomes of the first stage of the study aimed to provide detailed examples and ways to develop intellectual capital in organisations.