Closeness at distance: new formats of authentic movement in runet




Internet, social networks, corporality, authentic movement, postphenomenology


The article explores the transformation of authentic movement formats following the development of the Internet and social networks. The Internet offers a range of possibilities that challenge basic principles of authentic movement such as the mover and the witness physical co-presence, time and space limits. A hypothesis arises on possible digital divide while digital integration process attracts researchers’ attention.Using empirical data, different behavioural strategies in Internet are studied among Russian-speaking practitioners of authentic movement. Formats such a regular pair session conducted online and a solo movement session supported by a virtual group are given as examples. The authors focus on the qualitative aspect of human-technology relationships theorized in Don Idhe’s works on postphenomenology. Whether the Internet enlarges or reduces authentic movers’ bodily and sensory experience?How digital environment affects relationships in authentic movement, where security, trust and intimacy must to be crucial?