Easter cakes and/or Eucharist: typology of Orthodox Christians participating in the blessing of Easter food





Orthodox Christianity, holyday, Easter, Holy Saturday, blessing of Easter cakes and eggs, religiosity, churching, calendar rituals


The article discusses the results of a study on the inclusion/non-inclusion of the Orthodox Christians in the rituals related to the preparation for Easter, the key Orthodox holiday.The author conducted a cluster analysis of the data of the project «Holy Saturday: an opinion poll in the temples of the Eastern Vicariate of Moscow» (2016) to determine the parameters of participation/non-participation in pre-Easter culinary household rites, such as the preparation and the blessing of the colored eggs and Easter cakes, and in various church pre-Easter activities (fasting, regular church attendance, confession, communion, etc.).Conceptualization of the results of the analysis allowed to propose a typology of the Orthodox Christians involving six types: «celebrating church-goers», «non-celebrating church-goers», «Orthodox Christians without confession and communion», «celebrating non-religious people», «Easter cakers», and «weakly-involved people».