Social Portrait of Modern Russian Postgraduate Student


  • Irina V. ZAMARAEVA


postgraduate student, young researcher, values, thesis, scientific activity, scientific adviser, life priorities.


This paper analyzes the results of an online survey, the main aim of which was to determine the social portrait of modern Russian post-graduate student. The study was conducted using a virtual constructor interviews, reference to which is sent out to the social networks in the special groups for post-graduate students. Respondents were available in an array of data and were further analyzed using a specialized statistical package SPSS. On the basis of the data were identified the main socio- demographic characteristics of the modern Russian graduate student — the average age, level of employment outside of scientific activity , the level of material well-being and satisfaction of existing housing, discussed the value system of young scientists. In addition, the level of satisfaction was identified post-graduate student interaction with the supervisor and the conditions for writing a dissertation. Analyzed the emergence of a new class of young scientists with a high degree of adaptability — "post-graduate reasonable ".