Studying Social Partnership in Professional Education at Regional Level (Sverdlovsk Region Case Study)


  • Mariya A. ZADORINA
  • Irina V. TESLENKO


social partnership, social partnership in professional education, professional education system, labor market.


The authors investigate social partnership in professional education with special attention paid to the analysis of interaction of social partnership subjects in professional education at regional level. The research is based on the Sverdlovsk region case study. The conclusions are drawn from official statistics data, expert polls involving representatives of regional government bodies and employment centers as well as in-depth interviews with employers. The article examines if the professional training in professional education meets social and economic needs and demands of the labor market Results show that there is a big mismatch between professional training and regional market labor needs. The mismatch is caused by different factors such as lacking feedback between producers and consumers of educational services, or weak regulations that do not ensure proper interactions between organizations, educational institutions and government bodies. The authors suggest that all these actors should interact with each other to build social partnership. A number of policies should be introduced to develop employment potential in the region