Labor Migration Problems in the Russian Federation


  • Kerem O. MAGOMEDOV


labor sector, labor resources, labor market, employment, migration, foreign labor, labor and social problems, illegal migration.


The article examines the problems of labor migration in modern conditions as well as its influence on labor processes and social well-being of workers in Russian organizations. The study is based on the expert survey data (187 heads of different organizations, personnel departments, representatives of authorities, and researchers) and personnel survey (1220 respondents from 18 subjects of the Russian Federation across all federal districts). The article provides analysis of the basic sectors where foreign labor force is used, factors of attractiveness of migrants for employers, problems of use of migrant workers, and indicators of social well-being of the native workers The findings reveal that foreign labor force is an inescapable part of the Russian labor market. Foreign employees fill up those jobs Russians are not willing to do. It causes different problems such as the increased number of illegal workers, natives` deteriorated labor market situation, et cet. The author gives answers to the questions on how to attract and how to use foreign labor in Russia.