Youth Social Problems Viewed by the Students of the Nizhny Novgorod University


  • Elena A. SHINKARENKO Nizhny Novgorod State University


life-cycle problems, admission to university, job placement, salary, gaining work experience, housing, deviation, healthy lifestyle, interpersonal relations, family


The paper considers the results of questionnaire survey and online polling aimed at analyzing attitudes of students towards certain social problems. The database was build mainly by means of questionnaire survey; an online questionnaire was designed to repair the sample. A link to the online tool was distributed among the students of the targeted universities, courses and faculties through social media. Students from six largest universities of N. Novgorod were offered to give personal and public assessment to various social problems. The survey was devoted to both sociobiological issues affecting the lives and health of students (deviant behavior, bad habits) and social tensions at micro-, meso- and macro levels (education, employment, housing, relationships with family and friends). On the basis of opinions obtained the author built up a list of problems that students consider to be the most important for them as well as for the society in general. The most acute problems for students are getting education, finding a job, and using their diplomas.