Public Opinion on Resettlement of Compatriots living Abroad to the Kemerovo Oblast


  • Valentina V. KHALIULINA Kemerovo State University (KemGU)


migration, repatriates, public opinion, resettlement programs, voluntary resettlement, compatriot, receiving community, xenophobia


The aim of the study was to identify the views of different people living in Kuzbass concerning the need and possibility to receive resettled persons from other countries. The study is based on the data of the opinion polls carried out by VCIOM in Russia (July 8-9 2006, August-October 2013) as well as the data of the survey conducted by authors in the Kemerovo region (Spring 2013). The combination of quantitative and qualitative methods was used by the authors. Individual and group interviews with employees and managers of various organizations located in Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk and Yashkino district were carried out. The questionnaire included eight questions. Document analysis and secondary data analysis were also used as methods of the study. The working population was asked about who is considered as compatriots; whether the compatriots should be attracted to live in Russia and Kemerovo region; what kind of help they should be provided with. The authors highlight that studying social and psychological problems of returnees is essential. Upon the completion of the study a number of recommendations were made by the authors. The study was a pilot project for this region, and the data obtained is applicable for those areas (small and medium enterprises, construction, and trade) which were covered. The study will be continued to evaluate the implementation of the program to assist the voluntary resettlement to the Kemerovo region of Russian compatriots (2013 – 2015).