Monitoring of the system of management of business structures in municipal units


  • Sergei N. MARTYSHENKO Department of Mathematics and Modeling, Vladivostok State University



:enterprises, business, effectiveness of management, municipal unit, questionnaire poll, Primorsky krai, monitoring


The development of the municipal units hinges on their activity and the mobility of the small business subjects. The results of the study devoted to the businesses in municipalities of the Primorsky krai were studied. The empirical base of the study were public opinion polls of the municipal units (1600 respondents in December 2012 and 1060 respondents in December 2013). According to the data from the polls, opportunities for building private enterprises in municipal units were assessed. One of the main purposes was to study the reasons for impeding the establishment of businesses on the territory of municipal units. The questionnaire contained lots of open-ended questions; a special technique that allows transition from the unstructured quality data to the structured data was used to process them. Forty groups of answers were singled out; all the groups were divided into three types. A connection was traced between satisfaction with the municipality work and the activities to establish entrepreneurship. The study showed that those populations of the municipalities who assess the business organization on their territories as unsatisfactory often do not have positive attitudes towards the work of the municipal unit, too. The methods approach proposed by the author can be further used to assess the effectiveness of the managerial decisions of the municipal units` administration.